Soothing Lotion

Browntail Moth rash, and bites from Mosquitoes and Black Flies are itchy and uncomfortable; our soothing lotion helps to provide relief.

Browntail Moth Caterpillar

This invasive species is found on the coast of Maine and Massachusetts. Their tiny, poisonous hairs cause a rash similar to poison ivy. Our lotion brings soothing relief.

What People Say

Folks who use our soothing lotion, love it!

Not Just for Browntail Moth

Our lotion provides relief from mosquito and black fly bites, poison ivy and other seasonal irritations.

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Browntail Moth

Learn more about this invasive caterpillar and how to identify them.

Where to Buy

Soothing Lotion is available at stores across Maine. Find out which stores stock our lotion.

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We are an active family who doesn’t want to be sidelined by rashes and bug bites.

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